How our software is changing real companies.

Atlantic Lawn & Garden

We created AdminMatic to help streamline our office work. Before creating it we would use an array of different programs. None of these programs worked with each other and it was a real pain to train our staff to use all of them. Data entry would take one of our staff members hours each night to input. The data would pass through many hands and often be misinterpreted. We have been able to keep our office staff to just two people since everything now is entered real time by the crews in the field. The crews in the field can get an ordered list each night with the driving time minimized for the next day's work. The drive time optimizer has saved each crew about 2 man hours per day in otherwise wasted driving time. We have used virtually no paper now that everyone is using the app. It's easy to see what jobs are left at any point in the day and where crews are currently working. We eliminated GPS tracking in the trucks in favor of this app. We still use Quick Books for its accounting power but otherwise this is the one program we need for all day to day operations. We currently maintain 333 lawns on a regular basis and are excited to take on more and more. This program was developed by people who deal with the challenges a small business owner faces every day. It has been tested by our staff for multiple years doing thousands of jobs each season. We hope this tool will make a nice improvement to you business's bottom line.
Nick DiGiando - Owner

Infinity Design Group

Adminmatic is Elite! Our firm used an archaic means of time tracking and invoicing prior to 2021; overnight, we were able to cut the time invested each month by 80% saving us tons of time and big $$. Additionally, the ease of use and functionality of the program is impeccable. We’re so grateful for this application’s usefulness each and every day. Thank you Adminmatic!!
Patrick J. Sweeney, RLA - President